Our reps are measured and rated on their responsiveness. Appoint professional, multiple-line field sales firms as strategic partners. The 34 independent and locally operated Blue Cross Blue Shield companies deliver health insurance coverage to one in three Americans across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Sometimes it may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The MOST POPULAR direct sales program on our site is Stella & Dot. Great content, Ive been looking for a rep for a while. Whether it's using dealers, resellers, independent sales agents or manufacturer's representatives, we have the expertise to see you succeed. You can then take advantage our our training tools as well as conduct unlimited free searches. You don't need to become a member or pay any fees to start searching. Initial Outfitters is a Christian-inspired direct sales company that sells personalized gifts and jewelry. Since they are often paid on a commission basis, there is no upfront investment of money and effort. I think this list is pretty fair and supports higher quality suggestions than your typical lists. The company is practically synonymous with reusable, high-quality food storage containers, and the odds are good that you have some in your cabinet right now. Beachbody is one of the most well-known at-home fitness programs on the market. Sometimes the best candidates are lost during the final negotiations, only because their valid concerns are not clearly understood by the hiring company. We hope this guide has helped you understand some of the many direct selling companies that are out there, as well as the opportunities they offer you to earn from the comfort of your home. Calling All Sales Representatives. When that works, they will be very loyal, dedicated and successful. As the companys name implies, Scentsy is all about products with pleasant fragrances. These range from health supplements to nail wraps, Startup Costs: $29.95 starter kit, and $10 per month for website, Benefits: 30% commissions on the products you sell. There is no need to search again. These products can help nearly anybody with the desire for a space that smells great, Startup Costs: $99 to start, plus $10 per month website cost. Regardless of where you are located or what industry you are in, the main way the independent sales agents find customers for the companies they represent is through their network of connections in the industry. Similar to Scentsy, this program offers the ability to earn by promoting candles, wax warmers, and other fragrance products, Benefits: 25% commission from the start, with further incentives once $500 threshold is reached. CUTCO sells fine cutlery. . Their average total compensation package is $356,000 all in. We have posts coming, but we welcome contributors in the direct sales industry! What is a fair commission to be paid to independent sales reps? and makeup with good-for-your-skin ingredients. Possible sales job titles include Account Executive, Corporate Sales Account Executive, Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Group and Events Sales Coordinator, or Regional Sales Executive. Secret to Success: Patience and Persistence, How to Provide Samples to Reps and Get Them Back. As a BeneYOU associate, youll be able to earn up to a 30 percent commission on the products you sell. The company guarantees that youll make a 40 percent commission on the first kit you order. There are tons of new direct sales companies popping up every year, as well as ones going out of business. The number of searches and views of reps are unlimited. The search looks at the portion of the rep's profile where they describe their customer base. Discovery Toys claims you can earn up to 34% profit on your personal sales, as well as a 7 percent commission from the sales of other people that you recruit to work for Discovery Toys. We advertise to independent reps for you. Dont hesitate to reach out by phone, web chat or email. And it provides the ideal forum for deepening the communications, understanding and respect between rep and manufacturer business partners. The best part-time money-making opportunities, The Best Direct Sales Companies (Overview), 8 Stay-at-Home Jobs to Bring in Extra Cash, 15+ Things Every Small Business Need [& Tools To Match], Window Cleaner: Job Description, Salary & How To Become One, Freelance Videographer: Job Description, Income & Salary, & How To Become. Are you still in business? All rights reserved. However, check out this list and consider how RepHunter can shorten and sweeten your sales rep recruiting efforts. Having said the above, your best bet might be to subscribe to Rephunter.net. 5 - Trades of Hope Trades of Hope specializes in fair trade jewelry and ethical fashion. Take advantage of a hot post-COVID trend - meal kits. Stella & Dot. Want us to find you the right reps for your product or service? Thanks for posting! These field sales companies may be known as reps, agents, manufacturers' agents or representatives, sales agencies or even brokers. Make sure you're a self-starter. The company sells premium quality, kid-powered learning products for newborns through school aged children.. A household name with quality products to match. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. If you are interested, please feel free to learn more here: http://www.homepartymarketplace.com/contributor/, Sincerely, The Home Party Marketplace Team. Top Direct Sales Jewelry Companies. Check Pricing Growing Database Mary Kay 2. Learn More. Search our independent rep database. Employ or engage a consultant or sale rep recruiter to act as a Sales Manager whose job it is to select, engage and train your National Sales Force. Discount code to use:220V3IIR3C, Walk alongside others to help them acheive their fitness goals, Promote high-quality fragrance products that most households know and love. 90% of all commissions paid to reps are between 5% and 20% based on gross sale amount. Moving from cosmetics to food storage, we have Tupperware. Hilburnsells stylish mens clothing.Jade & Jaspersells jewelry.Jafrasells cosmetics and beauty products.Jamberry Nailssells fun and fuss-free nail wraps that are available in over 300 designs per season, as well as nail lacquer and other nail care products.Java Mommasells organi fairtrade coffee, flavored coffee, loose leaf tea, cocoa, and accessories in a variety of yummy flavors likeSea Salt Caramel Mocha and Pumpkin Muffin.Jerky Directsells beef jerky.Jewel Scentsells candles and bath bombs with hidden jewelry inside.Jewelry Candlessells candles with hidden jewelry inside.Jillian Chasesells monogrammed crystal.Jordan Essentialssells bath and body products for adults and children.Just Jewelryis a Christian-based company selling jewelry.Kaeser & Blairsells promotional products.Kalypso TwistZsellsunique interchangeable jewelry.KEEP Collectivesells one of a kind bracelets and necklaces that can be personalized. Starter kits for Thirty-One Gifts begin at $99. Manufacturers' representatives (better known as rep firms and sometimes also called independent sales representatives) provide a variety of services for security product and solutions companies, including outside sales, training, customer engagement, technology demonstrations and even some project consulting. Before we give you our list of direct sales companies, we need to discuss what direct sales is. If youve heard of direct sales and are curious about how it works, this is the guide for you. Post this job for free. Hire direct sales employees whose full-time job is to contact customers and service them. You appear to be looking for products/services to represent, not Independent Sales Reps. Get to work faster with jobs in the gig worker industry. Right now, Stella & Dot is having a special where you can launch your business for $59. Sells gourmet mixes, dips, spices, and more.Doncastersells womens apparel.comdoTERRAsells essential oils.Du North Designssells affordable womens clothing.Ellie Kaisellsmade-to-order clothing for women and little girls.emagineGreensells earth-friendly products.EndlessXpressions sells floating lockets, jewelry, clothes, handbags, personalized items, and more.Epicure Selectionssells meal-time solutions for the home chef.Esbe Designssellshandcrafted jewelry designed by Sara Blaine.Essential Bodywearsells bras, panties, and shapewear.ETCETERAsells womans clothing.EVERsellsbotanically-based skincare products. Here are a couple of guerilla marketing methods suggested by Bob Reiss: For more information about contacting qualified sales reps actively seeking new product or service lines, create your companys profile on RepHunter for free. So when does an MLM or direct sales business become a pyramid scheme? We bring you the best gig, remote, and part time jobs currently available, then provide you with thousands of helpful articles on how to succeed in those roles. Advantages of Independent Sales Reps You will resolve customer questions and offer solutions to drive company revenue. Your email address will not be published. For Principals Use RepHunter to Look for Reps, For Sales Reps Use RepHunter to Look for New Lines, get in contact with reps in your industry looking for lines, may not always be able to find what you are looking for, low incremental cost if you are already attending such trade shows, may be expensive if you are not already attending such shows, shows not always readily accessible; may have to wait quite a while for the right show, have a professional working to meet your specific needs, pre-screen cuts down on the extent of the interviews necessary, have been known to be able to provide excellent candidates, can be quite expensive; as with typical staffing agencies, may cost from 25% to 40% of first years compensation of the rep, more oriented towards employed sales reps, not independent sales reps, low cost in some cases such as Craigslist, while advertising routes may appear simple and inexpensive, be prepared for their hidden costs and time delays, to use them effectively, you will need an appropriate level of Human Resources staffing to screen a potential deluge of resumes, reduce their number by a factor of as much as a hundred or more, finally leading to phone and possibly in-person interviews, advance staffing may be necessary to plan your recruiting campaign, need to budget sufficient time and resources over and above the up-front advertising expense for this staffing, newspaper advertising can be quite expensive; commonly runs into thousands of dollars for a single Sunday insertion in a major metro area. Pampered Chef sells kitchen wares of all sorts through its network of consultants. It easy for our rep to ask his buyer to look at your line. Tupperware will even provide you with free products just for hosting a party. I want to target small companies and retail shop owners. Another well-known beauty giant, Avon is another program with many different benefits after joining. Visit our bloganother great source of information, Subscribe when you are ready to start contacting reps. Use our Sales Rep RecruitingGuaranteed Placement Plan to recruit your independent reps. We can also manage your independent sales team. Table Of Contents Top 10 Direct Sales Companies to Join Sign-up with these companies to avoid scams, and sell products people actually want to buy. Products can be easily sold on Facebook. Inspiranza sells high-quality fashion jewelry. You can earn a 25 percent commission on all Gold Canyon products you sell when you become a Gold Canyon Executive. Love to drink wine? List of 3 independent sales rep Companies Get List There are 3 independent sales rep companies from AroundDeal database, of which 3 are in United States, and the average founded year is 2004. Microsoft Enterprise Account Managers, internal company level L65, while ranked tenth in our list of highest paying sales jobs, do tie for first for the highest base salary with AWS. Too much on your plate? In the automotive aftermarket, manufacturer's products are "lines.". The company offers a variety of fitness programs, nutrition programs, and nutritional supplements, all with the goal of ending obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Click company name to view more about company's info and employee contacts. Serve as in in-home wine expert selling quality wines for any occasion, Startup Costs: $179.99 plus shipping and taxes, $15.95 per month website cost, Benefits: See company website for details. PartyLite 12. Learn More. Check out websites like www.findfashionrep.com, www.rephunter.net, or We Connect Fashion. FREE to join.Living Fresh Collection sells sleep products like sheets, blankets, robes, mattresses, pillows, laundry detergent, and more.Longabergersells baskets and home interior products.Lularoesells comfortable and stylish clothing for women.Magnabilitiessells customized magnetic jewelry.Magnolia and Vinesell customizable jewelry and accessories.Makeup Erasersells a chemical-free makeup removal towel.Man Cavesells barware, meat products, and grilling accessories.Mannatechsells nutritional supplements.Marly Rayis an in-home shopping party plan where consultantsopen up oysters and use the pearl to create unique jewelry pieces for customers.Martha and Maryis a Christian-inspired direct sales company that offers a unique blend of business and ministry, selling home decor items and gifts.Mary Kaysells cosmetics, skin and body products. A Stella & Dot family brand.Fashion Scentssells aromatherapy jewelry.fibi & closells shoes and accessories.Fifth Avenue Collection sells beautiful jewelry an international company.Forever Livingsells health, wellness, and weight loss products, as well as essential oils.For Every Body Candles sells warmers, cubes, green cleaning products, candles, and more.For Tails Onlysells gourmet pet treats and products.For Yousells hair, body, skin and nutritional care productsForever Greensells natural energy drinks.Foru Internationalsells weight loss products, shakes, and skincare products.FreeLifesells Goji juice.Fuller Brush Companysells cleaning brushes.Fundanoodlesellsearly education products for children.GanoLife Coffeesells enriched coffee.GEMMsells fashionable sunglasses, eye charms, and jewelry.Global Health Traxsells nutritional supplements.Gold Canyonsells candles and fragrances for the home.GoldSheild Elitesells nutritional, personal care, and home health products.Grace & Heartsells faith-inspired jewelry.H2O at Homesells natural home care products, organic personal care products, and natural home fragrance.Harpers Love Jewelrysells trendy, personalized jewelry.Hello Pink sells fashion and clothing including tees, dresses, and kids items.Heritage Makerssells scrapbooking supplies and products.Homemade Gourmetsells gourmet food products.Hope at Homesells wine, gifts, and other gourmet products while providing built-in donations for each product to various charities.HTE Americassells health equipment and nutritional products.I Thought of Yousells fair trade jewelry and handmade goods.In a Piklesells compact organizers for essential convenience items, needed for lifes emergencies.Initial Outfittersis a Christian-inspired direct sales company that sells personalized gifts and jewelry.Initials Inc sells monogrammed totes, bags, purses, wallets, luggage, and storage containers.Inspiranzasells high-quality fashion jewelry.Integrissells nutritional products.INVISUS Directsells personal computer services and identity protection.Isagenixsells healthy weight loss products.It Workssells body wraps.Izigg 90210is a mobile (SMS or text) marketing business. If youve scrolled through your social media feeds lately, youve probably seen one of your friends promoting some kind of direct sales business. Unique and Interesting ways to make money in the gig economy. This experience often comes from previous work experience in inside sales. This is a great list and it feels like you are looking at more of the companies that are focused on helping their Consultants or Sellers be a part of a community and sell products that they love Not something that is only BIG because they sell products in 50 different countries around the world. Dear Sir/Madam, Im an registered agent in the Gambian. Please note that this list is compiled from multiple resources and updated frequently, but is not a complete list due to constant changes in the direct sales industry. Ive bookmarked it in my google bookmarks. In order to be a successful independent sales rep, you'll need complete confidence in your abilities as a salesperson. Yes! Global manufacturers and franchisors with an international outlook fully understand that without local personnel presence it is difficult to develop sustainable sales. Search for reps before you pay to subscribe - no limit, Fast track searches with "Find My Matches", Gets fast access to professional, commission-based sales reps, In self-service plans, pay only for your subscription; no additional charges from RepHunter when rep sells for you, International companies find sales reps for new markets, Daytime chat support with top-notch customer service, Contact Request Rollover - never lose a contact opportunity, Unlimited contact requests from sales reps, Unlimited number of searches, territories and markets, Anytime cancellation or subscription deactivation; opt in and out as you need our service, Reactivate your subscription at any time for $99, You control your sales opportunity postings. Find high value independent sales opportunities and build the ultimate sales portfolio. During these parties, youll demonstrate the products to your guests. Benefits: 50% discount on products, commissions on products you sell. Every salesperson knows the importance of sales prospecting, but many . To learn about more ways to make money from the comfort of your own home, check out our list of 8 Stay-at-Home Jobs to Bring in Extra Cash. A Stella & Dot family brand.Kilambe Coffeesells gourmet organic coffee.Kirbysells vacuums and bags, replacement parts, and cleaning products.Kokoonsells stylish clothes for women.Kyanisells a superfood juice.La Senorita Joliesells clothing and jewelry.Labella Basketssells gift baskets.Latitude Baysells jewelry, sunglasses, hats, and scarves.LBRI Pure N Natural sells natural aloe vera skincare products.Life Forcesells nutritional supplements.Linen Worldsells home decor, linens, toys, organizational solutions, and much more. Our years of experience creating ads that attract the reps you need has created a huge, active database of highly qualified reps. Outsource recruiting and management of your full-commission rep sales force. 1. AIM/R membership delivers the resources that professional, independent business owners need to elevate the bar for their agencies. Especially for startups or companies who cannot afford to develop their own in-house sales force, the independent rep, also known as a manufacturer's rep, can be a winner and drive your business to the next level. Since that time, he has expanded his knowledge into the Gigworker site, as well as writing the book Gigworker: Independent Work and the State of the Gig Economy Paperback,now available on Amazon. Gigworker.com is your one-stop-shop for the gig economy. The key difference is that pyramid schemes are all about collecting fees from new members and encouraging as much recruitment of new members as possible. BeneYOU, formerly known as Jamberry, allows for interested promoters to sell wellness and beauty products. Please check our Help page at https://www.rephunter.net/contact-us.php to see the different ways to contact us. (604) 945-7111. The prospecting and building the sales channel is already done. Instantly connect with quality vetted companies you want to work with. Crowned Free is a Christian-based company that sells women's clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Where do you find a sales reps. 1. If the guests like what they see, they can place an order directly from you at your party or after the fact at your online Pampered Chef store. They serve as their point of contact and lead from initial outreach through the making of the final purchase by them or someone in their household. @Sutan: Your question is for a specific situation in a particular industry. Loads of Business ideas thank you. Multi-level marketing is neither illegal nor inherently unethical, although certain MLMs are ethically questionable due to their focus on the recruitment process as opposed to the products they sell. Avon offers a variety of personal care products, including a skincare line, anti-aging products, body products, makeup, and even wellness supplements. A Sales Representative is a professional who initializes and manages relationships with customers. This can start with a basic sales pitch that the reseller should carry the manufacturer's products. All Titles Inside Sales Representative (521) Sales Representative (303) Customer Service Representative (236) Insurance Account Representative (206) Outside Sales Representative (123) Retail Sales Associate (64) Insurance Sales Agent (63) Check this company out, Startup Costs: Starter kits begin at $99, plus a monthly $14.95 + tax subscription, Benefits:At least 25% commission selling products & 40% discounts on products purchased. Please contact us at 708-447-7834 or email at info@pripackaging.com. For a full list and detailed information on each pick, scroll down. Ajilon. We are seeking an Independent Sales Representative to join our team! We . If you are ready to work with reps and their customers, sales can start very quickly. The best way to establish your commission amount is through conversations with knowledgeable reps in your industry. Or set up a booth at a trade show and post in your booth a Sales Representatives Wanted ad. Visit Packaging Resources, Inc. website at www.pripackaging.com. FREE TRIAL NOW. Gold Canyon is another company that offers candles and flameless fragrances. Initials Inc sells monogrammed totes, bags, purses, wallets, luggage, and storage containers. Register now & start connecting with Manufacturer Reps . Become a Beachbody coach and help people achieve their fitness goals, Startup Costs: $39.95 to become a coach, $15.95 per month ongoing monthly fee. Read our GDPR, CCPA compliance, Discover our comprehensive and accurate B2B database. Then call Brenda direct at 877-895-2909. Excellent article Formulated by the doctors who created Proactiv.Royal Prestigesells cookware.Ruby Ribbonsells clothes with built-in shapewear.Sabasells appetite, control and energy supplements.Sabikasells jewelry.Saladmastersells complete cooking systems.Scentsyindependent consultant sells wickless candles.SendOutCardssells personalized greeting cards and invitations online and prints them, stuffs them and mails them, all for less than a greeting card at the store.SeneGence Internationalsells long-lasting cosmetics.Serilunasells spa products.Shaklee.comsells wellness products.Shop Steviesells trendy jeans, shirts, dresses, swimwear, shoes, and bottoms for women.Signature Homestylessells home dcor and interior products.Silpada Designssells sterling silver jewelry.Silver Icingsells chic and comfy clothes.Simply Aromasells essential oils.Simply Funsells play products (board games, family games, and party games) that bring families & friends together.Simply Said Designssells home decor.Sistacosells fashionable, affordable statement pieces for all women.SkinnyBodyCare sells all-natural weight loss supplements.Smart Living Companysells home decor, lighting, and outdoor living products.Socialite Pinksells jewelry.Soul Purposesells bath and body products.Southwestern Companysells student handbooks, family Bible books, health and wellness books and childrens books.Soy L Scents sells premium soybean wax candles and tart chunks with natural botanical oils.Sozo Global, LLCsells products powered by coffeeberry.Spa Sensationssells spa products for the home.Spirit Locketssells custom lockets.Sportron International Incsells wellness products.SQN SPORTsells luxurious womens activewear that is made in the USA.Sseko Designsis an ethical fashion brand that sells apparel, sandals, jewelry, handbags, and accessories that benefit women in Uganda through a work program that enables them to attend university.Stampin Up! Start with our Training Tools: Don't have the resources to search, vet and hire reps? Use a mix of numbers (0-9), lower case letters (a-z), upper case letters(A-Z), and symbols. If you are seeking independent sales reps to sell your product or service, please contact us via our parent website, RepHunter. Matilda Jane Clothingsells childrens and womens clothing.Metrinsells skin-care products.Mia Bellasells candles and melts.Miche Bagsells chic handbags.Mix Partysells gourmet goodies, sparkling wines, cocktail mixes, and gift sets.Modicaresells laundry, auto, and personal and home care products.MONAT Globalsells haircare products.My Clique Jewelrysells sterling silver, hand-crafted, interchangeable jewelry.My Pan Partysells kitchen wares and supplies.National Companiessells over 30 different products and services.Nature Unleashed All-natural, safe products for their home, life and those they love.Natures Sunshine sells health and wellness products Naughty Cocktail Parties sells adult toys and productsNdulgesellsleggings, both casual and activewear for women and little girls.Nerium Internationalsells science-based skincare products.NestFamily.comsells animated Bible stories for children.New Visionsells wellness products.Nikkensells wellness products.Noevirsells skincare, haircare, body care and cosmetics.Noonday Collectionssells jewelry and accessories.Northern Cloversells jewelry.Norwexsells environmentally friendly cleaning products and personal care products.NuSkinsells skin-care products.Nygard Stylesells womens clothing (pants, jackets, and shirts) withpatented SLIMcurve Technology, which lifts, shapes, and sculpts your figure.Nyla and Noellesellswomens leggings, wraps, dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, and jewelry in sizes S to XXXL.NYR Organicsells organic haircare, body, cosmetics, aromatherapy, herbal remedies and more.OGO NYis a social good business, selling high-end womenswear while supporting the Fashion for Freedom campaign.One2Thrivesells cookware, cutlery, and kitchen supplies.Origami Owlsells personalized charm jewelry.Our Hearts Desiresells custom lockets.Pampered Chefsells high-quality kitchenwares and gifts.Paparazzi Jewelrysells fun and fabulous jewelry for five bucks.Paris a Voussells all natural, French specialty foods, wines, linens, and home dcor products.Park Lane Jewelrysells jewelry.PartyLitesells candles, home dcor, and gifts.PawTreesells unique, luxurious and stylish products for your pets.Pink Papaya Partiessells natural home spa and beauty products that are made in the USA.Pink Zebrasells candles and home fragrances.Peachsells lingerie and casual wear.Peekaboo Beanssells childrens clothing.PeoplesWaysells wellness products.Perfectly Poshsells pampering products.Pierre Langsells designer jewelry.P!PHANYsellsleggings, dresses, skirts, tunics, cardigans, pants and tees for women.Plexussells all-natural, healthy solutions to help individuals lose weight.Plundersellsvintage-style jewelry at savvy prices.Polasells cosmetics, skin, hair, and body care products.Premier Designsis a Christian-inspired company that sells jewelry.Pre-Paid Legal Servicessells pre-paid legal services.Primerica Financial Servicessells financial services.Princess Housesells products for your home.Pure Haven Essentialssells safe personal care products.Purely Gourmetsells epicurean delights.Rainbowsells home cleaning systems.Rastelli Directsells various meats and seafood.RBC Life Sciencessells nutritional supplements and natural personal care products.Red Aspen sells lashesRed Rock Traditionssells home decor, gifts, jewelry, kitchen items.Regal Waresells stainless steel cookware.Regal Ware Worldwidesells cookware.Relivsells nutritional products.Rena Waresells cookware, juicers and water purifiers.Restaurant.comoffers a B2B opportunity, where independent consultants get local restaurants to participate in daily deal offerings.Rodan + Fieldssells dermatology based skincare treatments for men, women, and teens.