In this list we examine the top 10 highest paid college basketball players as of February 2023. In 2021, her Las Vegas Aces salary was $221,450. WNBA stars Diana Taurasi, Breanna Stewart, andJewell Loyd earn the most money in the WNBA, puttingthemamongthe highest paid athletesof all time. Diana Taurasi - 228.094 dollars. There is simply no reason that womens college basketball should bring in more money than womens professional basketball. Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett Purse Payouts | How Much Both Earn from PPV Money? Breanna Stewart, F, Seattle Storm; $228,094 3. Obviously, shes worth every penny of her (too small) WNBA income and then some! Zach Edey, a center for the Purdue Boilermakers, is another of the highest-earning college basketball players, with an NIL value of $811,000.Edey, a junior, currently has 28,000 followers on Instagram, 325 on TikTok, and 6,300 on Twitter.Edey currently has NIL deals with Purdue, who have released merchandise with his number and made him a member of the Boilermaker Alliance, but he does not have any other current NIL deals. weve reduced salary costs to buying wins, Top 10: Who is the Best WNBA Player of All Time? But the reality is, the more brands that pump money into womens sports, the more the sport is going to thrive. No doubt, this WNBA veteran is a superstar. Michael Jordan was the first NBA player to sign a contract worth over $20 million and in fact it exceeded $30 million as well in a season (1996-97) and (1997-98) where he earned $33,140,000; this was a record he had held for 20 years. Sherly is third on the list of the highest paid WNBA players with 99,500$ per year. Seven players from five different teams will earn the WNBA supermax salary of. Jessica Penne vs Tabatha Ricci Purse Payouts | How Much Both Earn from PPV Money at UFC 285? Why? When asked if overseas money was life-changing by60 Minutes,Sue Birdsaid it was for her. Now, because the average WNBA player makes 56 times as much as NBA players, the pay gap becomes clearer. She has 1 million followers on Instagram, 465,000 on TikTok, and 77,000 on Twitter.She is expected to be a top pick in the WNBA Draft, whenever she declares. WNBA stars Diana Taurasi, Breanna Stewart, and Jewell Loyd earn the most money in the WNBA, putting them among the highest paid athletes of all time. NBA players get paid more because their league makes more money, full stop. Double trouble. Wilson has signed NIL deals with Legacy Restaurant Group, MiniJerzeys, Charlie Hustle, Rally House, and Family Promise. In her career, she has played exceptionally well and has generated enough revenue from contracts as well as merchandise sales. The list could look different closer to the 2023 WNBA season. Adding to her wallet, Diana also makes $20,000-$30,000 per speaking engagement. And shesignedon to exclusively wear LeBron Jamessignatureline on court. How much a WNBA rookies makes depends on where she was drafted. Here are the complete details about the top 10 highest paid WNBA players in the world along with their salaries and contracts. All-star guard Jewell Loyd became the highest paid WNBA player after resigning with the Seattle Storm before last season. Brittney is a powerhouse when it comes to overseas play and shes compensated pretty well for it. Storm F Breanna Stewart: $228,094 (WNBA max salary) Contract: 1 year, $228,094 Average annual value: $228,094 In his sophomore season, he led the Jayhawks to a National Championship win. The basketball gender pay gap is significant. Rookie Road may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. 4. Cynthia Lynne Cooper-Dyke - UB-Barca, CREFF. To the confusion of CBA novices, eighth-year players Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins-Smith both out-earned teammate and resident GOAT Diana Taurasi in 2020 by nearly $100,000. And made her mark immediately overseas by winning the Euroleague MVP award. Candaces bread and butter come from her lucrative endorsement deals, which reportedly net her a whopping $3 million dollars! Liz Cambage has played in China, where, way back in 2012, she reportedly netted $297,100 ($400,000 Australian dollars) for her overseas stint. This offseason, two of the league's top talents changed teams in free agency. In addition to their WNBA yearly salaries, there are other variables in the equation: endorsement deals, overseas contracts, and merit bonuses awarded to each player based on their individual and team achievements. She pulls in almost $1 million per season abroad, which far outweighs her top-dollar WNBA salary. . Skylar Kierra Diggins-Smith (born August 2, 1990) is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). The lowest-paid player in the WNBA is Mercurys Kaela Davis. This alone should be enough to argue for higher average WNBA salaries than the status quo, but we have two more points still to convince you further. However, she did receive her full pay, thanks to the new WNBA CBA. While the terms of the Nike deal remains under wraps, its estimated that she earns almost $1 million for the contract. During her enviable pro career thus far, Brittney has been a 6-time WNBA All-Star. We arrived at that modest figure by calculating that far more than an average overseas salary of $400,000 equals at least $1 million. Highest-paid active WNBA players. A recent New York Times article talks about how Paige Bueckers is waiting to go pro because there is more money in college basketball than in womens professional basketball. Last season Loyd averaged 17.9 points, 3.8 assists, and 1.4 steals, earning her All-WNBA First team honors. Beginning in the 198485 NBA season, the NBA's first salary cap was introduced. The WNBA may be a league on the rise, but its players pay is low. She is a player, many teams want to have in their books. When comparing college leagues, the men draw about 15 times more viewers than the women. She was also the first openly gay athlete to sign with the company, which garnered her a lot of attention. However, WNBA teams are just trying to stay afloat because the current market doesnt reward the best teams for winning. Breanna Stewart - 228.094 dollars. Who is the highest paid WNBA player in the world right now? as well as other partner offers and accept our. Diana Taurasi, now 38, signed a two-year supermax deal on February 1, 2021. Plus Skylars additional endorsements and her work as a Phoenix Suns broadcasts as analyst, altogether which weve guess-timated to be near $500,000. Young is set to make $252,450 this season. But first, lets jump into the basics for this year. Candace also has a lucrative contract as an NBA analyst for Turner Sports. A top-WNBA scorer, Skylar has been shooting hoops in the league since 2013. WNBA salaries: Who has the highest, league average, more originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea. Basketball icon, WNBA salaries: Who has the highest, league average, more. While Jackie Young is the WNBA's highest-paid player right now, she might be forced to relinquish that title soon. Headlines like The Highest WNBA salary is $228,000 while in the NBA its over $45 million are well-intentioned, but disingenuous at best. Opponents to increasing the WNBA player salaries at this point will say you cant just adjust a 12-team league to a 30-team league and assume that the numbers will work themselves out! This is an interesting point but in the next section we argue the exact opposite. And shes only been in the league seven years! 1-4 in the 2022 WNBA Draft, the base salary is expected to be $72,141 in year one. Not only did she win regular season MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, but her team won the Commissioners Cup and the WNBA Finals. She also has 4.2 million TikTok followers, making her one of the most followed collegiate athletes in the United States.Haley, like her sister, has endorsement deals with Under Armour, Raising Canes, Intuit TurboTax, and Victoria's Secret PINK. Even so, that feat earned Diana another $1,803. They are Diana Taurasi, Breanna Stewart, and Jewell Loyd. Picks 9-12 will earn $66,306, while second round picks will receive $63,389 in 2022. Thanks to the hard-fought increases in the 2020 CBA (thank you Nneka! After Delle Donne went public with her disgust at the situation, the Mystics backtracked and promised to pay her to stay home. As detailed by CNBC, the average pay for a WNBA player in the season prior to the new agreement was around $116,000. The average NBA player makes about 60x as much as the average WNBA player. If you dont give any extra thought to the above numbers, WNBA players make more money relative to their league revenue than NBA players do. And the viewership is increasing rapidly. In June 2021, the Supreme Court ruled that the NCAA was no longer allowed to prevent education-related payments to students, which changed college sports forever.This paved the way for NIL deals, which allowed college athletes to profit on their own name, image, and likeness through endorsements and brand deals.A combination of a strong social media following off the court, and good play on the court can result in players receiving millions of dollars in NIL deals per season. But we can assume its a good amount. List of highest paid Major League Baseball players, "Kobe Bryant to Become NBA's Second Ever $30-Million Player", "The NBA's 25 highest-paid players for the 2016-17 season",, National Basketball Association statistical leaders, Employee compensation in the United States, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 22:55. The highest paid WNBA player this year is a tie between Breanna Stewart, Diana Taurasi, and Jewell Lloyd each making just over $228,000 this year. She, along with 7 other WNBA players, also has a Glossier deal. Including being named twice to the All-WNBA First Team and twice to the All-WNBA Second team. This is not dissimilar to the history of the NBA, just many years later. These seven players. Or learn how salary impacts WNBA free agency. In the WNBA world, the story on everyones mind is Brittney Griners ongoing detention is Russia. The Mercury made it to the second round of the playoffs in 2020, but lost to the Minnesota Lynx. She has 687,000 followers on TikTok and 382,000 followers on Instagram, commanding one of the biggest social media followings in all of college sports.Mastrov has deals with Neutrogena, Afterpay, and Quizlet. 20 Highest Paid WNBA Players 1. Basketball is also no exception and women players receive much low worthy contracts as compared to men. Winner gets $1 to break the tie. She was named the WNBA MVP in 2018 and was named. It isnt the WNBAs fault necessarily; networks are wary of showing and advertising for games they think will be less profitable. Copyright 2023 Sporting News Holdings Limited. However, in order to help the Storm retain key talent in 2022, Sue took at pay cut down to a mere $72,141. Some have argued that even with their current paltry salaries, WNBA players are overpaid. Earlier, we pointed out that the WNBA is a young league. Jalen Wilson is a forward for the Kansas University Jayhawks mens basketball team, who has an NIL value of $914,000.Wilson has been a star for the Jayhawks, averaging 11.8 points and 7.9 rebounds per game in his freshman season. Elena Delle Donne is making around $224,870 this year from contract salaries. The perpetually rebuilding New York Liberty traded for the three-time champ and 2019 DefensivePlayer of the Year Natasha Howard, whom they will reward with $221,000 this year; the Libs also scored 2020 Wubble breakthrough star Betnijah Laney in free agency, and she, in turn, will take home a max salary of $190,550. So she will now receive close to $100,000 to train for United States. In his junior season at Indiana, Wilson was named to the Big Ten All-Defensive Team and the Second-Team All-Big Ten Team. Candace Parker is the first big name to join a new team in free agency. How Much Does A College Basketball Coach Make? Eight players . its no wonder why Liz Cambages earnings ar eup there. Its a bit of a mystery how much money Sue makes for her sponsorship deals. Its big-time, lets just say that, Brittney told USA Today in 2013. In 2020, the leagues latest collective bargaining agreement bumped the maximum salary for the highest-paid players from $117,500 to $215,000. She is also signed for next season with UMMC. The highest-paid NBA players by season has recently eclipsed $40 million. She continues to break records both offensively and defensively. At 41 years old, Sue Bird will have been in the league for an astonishing 19 seasons and 20 years in 2022, breaking records and dazzling fans all over the world. The total revenue for the WNBA is about $60 million while in the NBA it is about $7.6 billion. And thus still earned her $1.5 million salary! The lowest-paid player in the WNBA is Mercurys. In February 2020, Sue Bird told Howard Megdal, money has really never been the motivator in the WNBA. In equal parts, Bird enlightens the privilege of having a spot in such an incredibly competitive league and points out that the CBAs new salary structure marks a historic turning point for the WNBA. All these are the details about the top 10 highest paid WNBA players along with their contract salary and net worth. The point of this exercise is to counter the myth that we cant afford to pay high salaries to WNBA players because the league just doesnt make any money. She played college basketball at Notre Dame. Cavinder has endorsement deals with Under Armour, Raising Canes, Intuit TurboTax, and Victoria's Secret PINK. In 2020, she let the league know she was back in business after her achilles injury. Viviane Araujo vs Amanda Ribas Purse Payouts | How Much Both Earn from PPV Money & Bonuses? Jewell Loyd (born October 5, 1993) is an American professional basketball player for Perfumerias Avenida of Spain's Liga Femenina de Baloncesto and the Seattle Storm of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). Enmanuel famously has commercials with both Gatorade, and J. Coles Puma collaboration named Dreamer.. Top highest paid NBA players in 2021. Overall, the average annual salaries in the NBA are much higher than in the WNBA. WWE Wrestlers Who Served In Military | How It Impact Their Careers In Wrestling? Three franchises will pay their top-earning player less than $200,000 for the upcoming campaign. The average WNBA salary is $128,000 in the 2021 season. So that she wouldnt get injured and not be able to play for UMMC. Once that happens, WNBA salaries will reach the place where they should be for the entertainment value they are capable of providing. We may earn some commission if you were to buy something via our affiliate links, Top 10 Most Selling Football Boots In The World | Nike Mercurial Vapor Tops The List As Used By Ronaldo, Mbappe & Neymar, Top 10 Most Expensive Injuries In Football, The Best Apps/Websites to Watch MF & DAZN X Series 005 Live Online | 5 March 2023, The Best Apps/Websites To Watch Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett Live Online | 5 March 2023. If there is any change in the details, we will make the, available here. This will lead to an increase in the average WNBA salary. The $898,700 contract Natasha Howard signed the following year ranks fourth all-time. From my perspective, the gender pay gap in basketball is attributable to the WNBA being a new league and not achieving the viewership it is capable of. She is holding the most ludicrous contract deal with WNBAs club. In 2022, the highest paid WNBA players are Breanna Stewart, DeWanna Bonner, Jewell Loyd, Elena Delle Donne, Skylar Diggins-Smith, Brittney Griner, and Diana Taurasi. But currently, she plays in Russia for the UMMC Ekaterinburg team, where she continues to astound on the court. In Australia, she currently plays for the Southside Flyers. The Suns have clear championship expectations and Bonner will have to play at an elite level if they want to win their first chip. Next on the list of the highest paid WNBA player in the world is DeWanna Bonner. Top 25 Highest Paid WNBA Players in 2022 & Ever, Breanna Stewart: Seattle Storm $228,094, Diana Taurasi: Phoenix Mercury $228,094, Brittney Griner: Phoenix Mercury $227,900, DeWanna Bonner: Connecticut Sun $227,900, Elena Delle Donne: Washington Mystics $227,900, Skylar Diggins-Smith: Phoenix Mercury $227,900, Natasha Howard: New York Liberty $221,450, Alyssa Thomas: Connecticut Sun $206,000, Jonquel Jones: Connecticut Sun $205,000, Kelsey Mitchell: Indiana Fever $200,000, Betnijah Laney: New York Liberty $196,267, Nneka Ogwumike: Los Angeles Sparks $196,267, Kristi Toliver: Los Angeles Sparks $196,100, Courtney Vandersloot: Chicago Sky $195,000, Cheyenne Parker: Atlanta Dream $190,550. She scored again by being selected to the 2020 All-WNBA Second Team, adding a bonus of $5,150 to her pay. Perhaps more importantly, the WNBA now has bona fide superstars to push its popularity. Since the day she was drafted, Taurasi has won three WNBA championships (2007, 2009, 2014), one WNBA Most Valuable Player Award (2009), two WNBA Finals MVP Awards (2009, 2014), four Olympic gold medals, (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016), five scoring titles (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), WNBA Rookie of the Year Award (2004), and three FIBA World Cups (2010, 2014, 2018). Phoenix Mercuryteammates Skylar Diggins-Smithand Brittany Grinerarenot far behind on therichest woman basketballplayers list. ), WNBA players are earning more than they ever have and its well-deserved. Hansel Enmanuel. In her first season, she was named to the WNBA All-Rookie team. And its easy to see that theres a good chance Candace made close to $1.5 million dollars during her overseas reign. A knee injury kept her out of the 2019 campaign, but she has otherwise played for the Seattle Storm in every WNBA season dating back to 2002. Stewart was the first overall pick in the 2016 WNBA Draft and was named the 2016 WNBA Rookie of the Year. Astonishing fact: Despite making our list of the highest paid WNBA players, Skylar has never lined her pockets by playing overseas! WNBA stars also earn lucrative endorsement deals worth millions per year off the court. In 2020, the top WNBA base salary was $215,000; in 2019, the top WNBA base salary was $117,500.